'FEAR STREET: PROM QUEEN' | Casting announced

Thursday, March 28, 2024

• Eddie Gustafsson

The casting for Netflix's fourth 'FEAR STREET' movie has been announced.

The cast is set to feature India Fowler, Suzanna Son, Fina Strazza, David Iacono, Ella Rubin, Chris Klein, Lili Taylor, and Katherine Waterston.

The logline can be found below:

“Prom season at Shadyside High is underway and the school’s wolfpack of It Girls is busy with its usual sweet and vicious campaigns for the crown. But when a gutsy outsider is unexpectedly nominated to the court, and the other girls start mysteriously disappearing, the class of ’88 is suddenly in for one hell of a prom night.”

The film will ba based on R.L. Stine's -92 Fear Street novel by the name 'THE PROM QUEEN'.


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